Manufacturer of Laminar Air Flow - Vertical Laminar Air Flow

Being a reputed brand in the industrial market, we are recognized as a leading Vertical Laminar Air Flow manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India. The offered ranges of Vertical Laminar Air Flow cabinets provide unidirectional airflow that sweeps particulates out of the enclosure and protects the working environment from dust and other air-born particulates. The vertical air flows from top to the work types have their own significance in research. Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet is manufactured using thick board in Sunmica Clad, Mild Steel Powder Coated and Stainless Steel finish. They are accessible in floor-mounted table top model with changeable capacity and ceiling hanged versions for the reason of floor space conservation. It is accessible at industry leading prices and it is widely used in areas like bio-assays, cell culture, semiconductors, electronic service centre’s, space applications, etc. For further details contact us for the most consistent and most demanded laminar air flow manufacturer, Om Industries for efficient and top-quality clean room products. Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Ahmedabad, we offer dynamic pass box Manufacturer, Supplier.


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