Static Pass Box

DESCRIPTIONS: It is utilized for the isolation-free transfer of materials from one side to the other using mechanical and electromagnetic door interlocks that limit the opening of more than one door at a time. avoiding contamination between two areas in the process. Manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of static pass boxes and dynamic pass boxes in Mumbai, India, have been serving the global market for the past 15 years with trustworthy and dependable features.

Static Pass Box Manufacturer

Static Pass Box Manufacturer

In search of static pass box manufacturers? Om industries is there to provide you the best static pass box. The leading Static Pass Box Manufacturer in India is Om Industries. Pharmaceutical companies utilize Clean Room Pass boxes to transport materials and to keep classes separate. It is in a transitional region. The pass box stops air from moving from one place to another when materials are being transferred. Simple boxes are positioned in a static pass enclosure between two spaces. It serves as a passive pass box and prevents contaminants from entering the sterile area.

During the transfer of materials, the Pass box restricts the movement of air from one location to another. Simple boxes that are mounted between two places make up a static pass box. It keeps pollutants from entering the sterile region and is also known as a passive pass box.

Static Pass Box Suppliers

Static dynamic pass box manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in Ahmedabad, India to worldwide passing boxes industry from last 13 years with standard product and durable features as per the clients requirements. “Om Industries” Static Pass Box are self-contained units installed at the entrance to the clean room. Manufacturer of Pass Box – Static Pass Box, Dynamic Pass Box offered by SS Equipment’s Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Specifications of the Static Pass Box

MOC – SS 304, SS 316

Door – Sandwiched Doors with double sided View Panels, Handle

Door Interlocking – Electro Magnetic Interlocking

Coving- Inner Side Bottoms Corner will be Duly Coved.

Protective Lights – UV lights with hour meters. 

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