Biological Safety CabinetM Manufacturers, Suppliers in Gujarat, India

Om Industries, manufacturer of Bio safety Cabinets that provide personnel, product, and environmental protection through the use of laminar air flow and HEPA filtration when looking to obtain high control over Biological Safety Cabinets quality while reducing the potential for exposure. We offer a Biological Safety Cabinets range of ergonomically designed bench top and console models that can either be re-circulate back into the laboratory environment or into a facility exhaust system through the duct work.

As these Bio safety Cabinets are widely used in clinical research, chemotherapy preparation, drug preparation, pharmaceutical and medical sectors, life science and industrial laboratories etc. it must follow the relevant application specific standards. Biological Safety Cabinets to carry out your daily applications safely and effectively. These cabinets provide exceptional design and sturdy along with features like unique pattern of airflow, superior protection, and Low noise for user comfort while energy efficiency reduces operational costs.

Bio Safety Cabinet, Biological Safety Cabinets

S. S EQUIPMENTS is India’s leading Biosafety cabinet company, manufacturing and supplying the most dependable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient Biosafety cabinets in accordance with European Standard EN12469 and NSF Standards. These Biosafety Cabinets offer greater protection to the operator, the environment, and the samples. Our Biosafety Cabinets come in four different sizes (3ft, 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft), are ducted or recirculating, and have unique safety features. There are a variety of design options and accessories available to make a Biosafety Cabinet suitable for almost any application. Each Biosafety Cabinet is factory tested and provides full value for your money while remaining affordable.

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