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Manufacturer of Pass Box – Static Pass Box, Dynamic Pass Box offered by Om Industries, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We are most reliable manufacturer and supplier of clean room equipment in India. Om Industries, GIDC, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Storage Tank, Rotary Dryer, Bucket Elevators, Automatic Ribbon Blender and Dryers & Evaporators since 2019.

#ModelInternal Dimension L x W x HDimension L x W x H
1CMP – 303304 x 304 x 304414 x 414 x 335
2CMP – 304457 x 457 x 457567 x 567 x 492
3CMP – 334497 x 497 x 578610 x 610 x 610
4CMP- 306610 x 610 x 610720 x 720 x 645

Types of Pass Box Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Dynamic Pass Box Manufacturer

A dynamic pass box that assists in the prevention of pollutants in a clean room or other locations is manufactured by OM Industries after taking the need into consideration. A dynamic pass box can be specified as a cubicle placed between two classified areas or material passing with HEPA filtered air. The dynamic box has linked doors on either side that prevent the air from becoming contaminated. The door opens and closes when the button is pressed with the help of the magnetic lock. The UV light in the dynamic pass box regulates the door’s opening and closing. The door is closed when the UV light is switched on, and opens when it is turned off.

A cubicle box with connected doors on both sides is referred to as a dynamic pass box. By doing this, contamination of the monitored environment during material transfer is avoided. The pharmaceutical business uses static and dynamic pass boxes from OM Industries, a top pass box manufacturer, to move goods and maintain class between zones.

Dynamic Pass Box Manufacturer In India

A laminar flow unit and a dynamic pass box both perform comparable tasks. This pass box receives clean air while preventing the entry of pollutants. To prevent contamination of the system area, it includes interlocking doors on both sides. The pass box machine is built to GMP criteria and contains a recirculated filtration system.

Dynamic Pass Box Features

Unique Characteristics of Dynamic Pass Box

Dynamic Pass Box Applications

Static Pass Box Manufacturer

Static Pass Box Manufacturer

Leading Static Pass Box Manufacturer in India is OM Industries. Pharmaceutical companies utilize Clean Room Pass boxes to transport materials and to keep classes separate. It is in a transitional region. The pass box stops air from moving from one place to another while materials are being transferred. Simple boxes are positioned in a static pass enclosure between two spaces. It serves as a passive pass box and prevents contaminants from entering the sterile area.

During the transfer of materials, the Pass box restricts the movement of air from one location to another. Simple boxes installed between two sections make up a static pass box. It keeps pollutants from entering the sterile region and is also referred to as a passive pass box.

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