How Dynamic Pass Boxes Differ from Static Pass Boxes


Static pass boxes are typically used to move a specific material between two locations, typically with varying levels of cleanliness. It is possible to say that the boxes move the materials from one level of cleanliness to another or vice versa. The static pass box assists in preventing airflow from one location to another while transferring the material. Pass boxes are composed of powder-coated stainless steel.

These static pass boxes and dynamic pass boxes sometimes referred to as cleanroom pass boxes are crucial for controlling the air environment that is utilized to transfer materials between controlled and uncontrolled areas and for passing items in a clean environment. Cleanrooms are becoming more and more expensively necessary for any pharmaceutical operations or laboratory tests, which aids in productive and well-organized work. In summary, this pass box is essential for moving items and air from an unclean environment to one that has been cleaned. These pass boxes are often composed of powder-coated stainless steel.

The dynamic pass box has built-in features that are practically identical, such as stainless steel fluorescent lighting, mechanical door locks, and UV lights.

Despite having comparable features, they must play different functions;


Materials are moved from an uncontrolled environment to a controlled environment using a dynamic pass box. It operates similarly to a laminar air flow unit or airlock system. For the majority of the task, a dynamic pass box is a definite necessity because it allows for flexible material flow. In order to get better outcomes, there are HEPA filters and other equipment for managing contaminated air. Typically, Goggles, Sampling Aids, Aspirator Containers, Media Plates, Air Samplers, Tool Boxes, and other items are transferred using Dynamic Pass Boxes


Between the clean and other rooms is a static pass box installation. This container has two doors, one of which opens to a clean room and the other to a different room. This doors are electrically linked to prevent direct air access from one room to another, protecting the environment inside. When ventilation is not needed, a static pass box is the best option for transporting non-sensitive items through it. However, it is not permitted to move materials between clean and unclean rooms using the static pass box.

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